There are no problems Türkiye, Egypt can’t solve together: Bahçeli

There are no problems Türkiye and Egypt cannot solve together, the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader has said, stressing that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's visit to Cairo on Feb. 14 will yield positive results for the regional peace and stability.

"A visit by our president to Egypt after 12 years hiatus where he will hold talks with the Egyptian president will be an important contribution to the peace and stability of the region," Devlet Bahçeli said in his address to the MHP parliamentary group on Feb. 13.

Bahçeli stressed that it will be in the benefit of the two countries if the visit will bring about a new cooperation in the fields of trade, energy and defense. "I believe that a solid dialogue between Türkiye and Egypt will deliver important and positive results," he stated.

Bahçeli recalled that the visit is taking place at a moment when Israel is planning to attack on Rafah City, saying a partnership between Türkiye and Egypt will surely change the balances in the Middle East.

"Türkiye is against this offensive. So is Egypt. There are no problems Türkiye and Egypt cannot resolve together," he said, hailing the fact that the two regional countries have overcome a decade-old coldness in ties.

Bahçeli also suggested that the partnership the two countries are building will further strengthen Türkiye and Egypt's regional positions and increase their deterrence in an axis stretching from the Mediterranean to Ethiopia.

"The MHP sees resolving all the problems through dialogue and diplomacy and creating a belt of peace around Türkiye as the best, reasonable and logical way. Polarization will have no benefit to any country," he added.

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