Greece carving out its own role, independent of others

According to a Pulse survey commissioned by Kathimerini, the majority of Greek citizens hold a positive view of the United States' approach to Greece. They express confidence that the US would engage in a 'diplomatic and restrained' manner in the event of a Greek-Turkish crisis. [Shutterstock]

The deepening cooperation between Greece and the United States has grown exponentially over the past decade. The bilateral relationship has acquired its own momentum and should not necessarily be viewed through the prism of the triangular relationship that includes Turkey.

Obviously, our neighbor is part of a difficult regional puzzle and, for obvious reasons, cannot be ignored in many decisions and plans by either Athens or Washington. But it is also clear that for some time now Greece has been carving out its own independent role.

In private conversations, but also in public statements, relevant US officials have made it clear that Greece, with its added value in fulfilling its NATO obligations and its credibility in dealing with a range of issues, is increasingly becoming part of US strategic planning, be it in the military or in the energy field.

The US has...

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