Heartbreaking at the Kecmanović trial

In that procedure, the mother and father of the boy K.K. who on May 3rd killed nine classmates and a guard and injured six other people in the "Vladislav Ribnikar" Elementary School are being on trial.
Nina Kobiljski, the mother of the murdered girl, continued her testimony today and spoke about the Kecmanovic family and said that it was not right that they kept so many weapons in the house, as well as that they did not help their son who was showing signs that something was wrong.
He does not talk about the problem, he takes a weapon, shoots at the heads and bodies of children and in this way cures depression and frustration, in the way his father taught him, Kobiljski said, talking about the minor.
Her husband, Dragan Kobiljski, stated that his daughter was his darling and added that he was afraid that parents Kecmanovi would be released, because, as he claimed, they would always resort to weapons.
Bojan Asovi, the father of the other murdered girl, said that he also died that day, but that he had to continue living because of his younger son.
His wife, Marija Asovi, pointed out that on May 2, she and her children played 'Don't Be Angry, Man', while the Kecmanovi family was preparing Molotov cocktails, indicating that this says a lot about families.
Asovi stated that it is not normal that the boy's parents do not feel responsible and added that they hid the fact that they had a sick child in order not to jeopardize their reputation.
After the break, the Negi and Andjelkovi families will testify.
The lawsuit was filed by a total of 27 plaintiffs, that is, members of the families of the massacre victims, and the minor K.K. and his mother and father.
The court will decide on the claim and only after the end of...

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