Erdoğan says gov't prioritizes employment, production

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reaffirmed his administration's commitment to prioritizing employment and production within Türkiye's economy, even amid a backdrop of regional challenges.

"We can never ignore the problems our people face in their daily lives... Inflation, which is the scourge of the world, also hurts us," Erdoğan stated during a rally in Balıkesir on Feb. 23.

The president further reminded the audience of the economic toll inflicted by the earthquakes on Feb. 6 last year, recalling the $104 billion bill for the recovery efforts.

"As you know, we prioritize employment and production in the economy. Praise God, we are doing very well in this regard," he said.

Erdoğan also highlighted the country's performance in "managing both the health and economic aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic" and preventing the war in Ukraine from affecting the nation's stability.

"We continue our efforts to bring this war, which has negative effects on the whole world, together with Türkiye, to an end as soon as possible," he stated.

Despite facing multiple challenges simultaneously, Erdoğan underscored Türkiye's commitment to navigating through the stormy global climate and protecting the course of the "Century of Türkiye."

Addressing the ongoing crisis in Gaza, Erdoğan stated, "The total amount of aid we have sent to be delivered to our brothers and sisters in Gaza has exceeded 34,000 tons. Yesterday, another ship carrying 2,380 tons of aid material reached the region."

Expressing concern about the potential regional impact of the Gaza conflict, Erdoğan warned, "If this persecution is not stopped, it is inevitable that the fire that will burn in our region will also affect us."

Erdoğan dismissed claims that the...

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