Israel Accepts US Cease-Fire Proposal For Gaza

Israel has agreed to a cease-fire proposal brokered by the United States for the Gaza Strip, as reported by Reuters and AFP. Concurrently, thousands in Tel Aviv participated in another demonstration against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government.

The US proposal outlines a six-week cessation of hostilities, contingent upon Hamas agreeing to release Israeli captives deemed most vulnerable. The US administration emphasizes that the ball is now in Hamas's court.

Negotiators aim to finalize the agreement before the start of Ramadan in approximately a week. This announcement follows US aircraft dropping humanitarian aid over Gaza, totaling 38,000 food packages.

In Tel Aviv, Israeli police arrested seven individuals during anti-government protests, where demonstrators demanded the release of around 100 Israelis held by Hamas and called for Netanyahu's immediate resignation. Some protesters alleged that Netanyahu, embroiled in ongoing corruption investigations, aided Hamas in Gaza's infrastructure development over 15 years.

Meanwhile, demonstrations occurred in Washington and various Canadian cities urging Israel to refrain from its planned offensive in Rafah, Gaza, home to over a million Palestinians.

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