Convincing victory of Donald Trump

He won before today's "Super Tuesday", when 16 US federal states and one US territory will vote in primary elections.
Trump won 84.6 percent of the vote, overtaking Republican competitor Nikki Haley, who previously won her first victory in the District of Columbia primary.
According to the AP, according to North Dakota rules, candidates are entitled to delegates if they win at least 20 percent of the vote.
However, the candidate who wins at least 60 percent of the vote receives all 29 delegates that North Dakota awards, so Trump won 29 delegates, while Haley was left with no delegates in this state. North Dakota is the only U.S. state without voter registration, and official state voter identification protocols such as driver's license checks are followed at the caucuses.
During the 2016 election campaign, a delegate from North Dakota helped Trump secure the necessary number of delegates for the Republican presidential nomination, according to the AP.

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