Deadly tactics of the Ukrainians: Even the Americans don't possess this

This number cannot be confirmed, it may be slightly lower - or even higher, but no one disputes the fact that the Ukrainians shot down a lot of enemy planes last month.
Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, the Russians have lost an average of four aircraft per month, and now, in the 24th month of the war, they may have lost at least three times the average, writes "The Telegraph".
Why have Russian airplanes become more vulnerable and Ukrainian air defenses more lethal? It is clear that the Russian Air Force stepped up its operations in February. From the eastern town of Avdiivka, the Russians decided to push back the Ukrainian garrison, which had run out of ammunition, and their air force saw an opportunity to hasten the Ukrainian retreat.
Therefore, the Russian Air Force equipped its 100 Sukhoi Su-34 fighter-bombers and a number of Sukhoi Su-35s with satellite-guided glide (or self-propelled) bombs and anti-radar missiles and sent them to attack Ukrainian positions in and around Avdiivka.
The number of Russian airstrikes in mid-February, at the height of the battle for that city, exceeded a hundred a day, and each of their planes was a potential target for Ukrainian ground-based missile batteries. Although it is logical that with the increase in the number of aerial targets, there will be more shooting down, it is undeniable that Ukrainian efficiency experienced a kind of boom.
The Ukrainians appear to have taken some components from their US-made Patriot air defense missile battery and organized them into mobile units. Several quadruple Patriot launchers, connected to long-range radars by radio link, represented a dangerous ambush for Russian aircraft at a distance of as much as 145 kilometers - when the...

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