Macron Slams Blame on Ukraine for Russia Attack as "Cynical"

French President Emmanuel Macron has denounced attempts to blame Ukraine for the recent terrorist attack outside Moscow, asserting that all evidence points to the Islamic State (IS) as the perpetrator. The attack, which claimed the lives of 137 people at a concert hall, has sparked controversy as Russia accused the United States of shielding Ukraine from culpability.

In a clear rebuttal to Russia's claims, Macron emphasized that IS had claimed responsibility for the attack and that intelligence reports corroborated this assertion. He labeled any efforts to shift blame onto Ukraine as "cynical and counterproductive."

Macron's remarks come amid heightened tensions surrounding terrorism threats globally. France itself has been on high alert, with the government raising the threat level to its highest point following intelligence indicating potential terrorist activity. The French president disclosed that the same IS cell responsible for the Moscow attack had also attempted assaults within France in recent months.

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