Options for Choosing Caretaker PM Narrow, Says Bulgaria's President

President Rumen Radev expressed his concerns about the limited options available for selecting a caretaker prime minister, highlighting the challenges in the appointment process. The President's remarks came amid discussions to appoint a caretaker government and schedule new elections within two months, as mandated by Article 99 of the Constitution.

In accordance with recent constitutional amendments, the President has the authority to select the caretaker Prime Minister from specific officials, including the Parliament Chair, Governor and Deputy Governors of the Bulgarian National Bank, President or Deputy Presidents of the National Audit Office, and the Ombudsman or their deputies. However, Radev noted the potential compatibility issues associated with these positions, complicating the selection process.

Despite the constraints, Radev emphasized his commitment to upholding constitutional requirements, albeit acknowledging the challenges posed by recent constitutional changes. He pledged to navigate the selection process diligently, aiming to mitigate the impact of the limitations imposed by the amendments.

The President initiated a series of meetings with potential caretaker prime ministers, with discussions proceeding in a calm and constructive manner. Radev indicated that he would announce his decision after completing all meetings, underscoring the importance of thorough deliberation in the selection process.

Notably, concerns were raised regarding the involvement of certain officials in the political process. National Bank Governor Dimitar Radev cautioned against entangling the central bank in political affairs, while GERB leader Boyko Borissov expressed reservations about specific candidates for caretaker Prime Minister. Deputy...

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