Bulgaria's Software Sector Thrives with Women at the Forefront

A recent report from Nova TV highlights Bulgaria's software sector's steady growth and economic importance, even amidst changes in the wider tech scene.

The software sector, very important for Bulgaria's economy, has experienced exponential growth over the past 15 years. Preliminary data from the Association of Software Companies indicates a remarkable eightfold increase in sector revenues since 2011. Especially, a significant portion of these revenues, approximately 85%, stems from the export of software products and services.

Beyond economic metrics, the software sector plays a pivotal role in employment generation. With over 58,000 individuals employed in the sector, representing nearly 2% of Bulgaria's labor force, it stands as a significant contributor to job creation. In 2022 alone, the sector added over 8,300 new jobs, further bolstering Bulgaria's workforce and providing lucrative employment opportunities.

A comparison with other European Union countries highlights Bulgaria's prominence in the tech sector. Eurostat data reveals Bulgaria ranking third in GDP contribution from information and communication technologies, trailing closely behind Cyprus and Malta.

Despite this progress, female programmers in the country face persistent challenges and hurdles that extend beyond the technical complexities of coding and software development.

The journey begins with acknowledging the gender disparity prevalent in the global tech industry, a phenomenon also observed in Bulgaria. Despite having one of the highest proportions of women in tech across Europe, there remains a noticeable gap in representation, particularly in programming and technical roles. Women programmers often find themselves in the minority within their work...

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