Weather In Bulgaria On April 17: Expect Clouds, Showers, and Thunderstorms

Overnight, expect considerable cloud cover, particularly in western regions, accompanied by showers. In Northwestern Bulgaria, expect a west-northwest wind bringing colder air. Across the rest of the country, the wind will be moderate from the south-southwest. Minimum temperatures will range from 13°C to 18°C, slightly lower in northwestern areas, with Sofia at around 13°C.

Tomorrow, expect the development of cumulus and cumulus-rain clouds, leading to rain showers becoming more widespread and intense in the afternoon and evening, especially in Western Bulgaria. Thunderstorms and hail are also likely. South-Eastern Bulgaria may remain mostly dry, with rainfall expected overnight into Thursday. Winds will be moderate to west-northwest in the northwestern half of the country, temporarily strong from the south-southwest in the southeast. Maximum temperatures will range from about 12°C in the extreme northwest to 27°C in some areas of Eastern Bulgaria, with Sofia around 20°C.

In mountainous areas, expect mostly cloudy conditions with afternoon showers and thunderstorms. A moderate to strong south-westerly wind will prevail, shifting to northwest in the evening, bringing colder air and increased precipitation. Maximum temperatures at 1200 m will be around 17°C and around 7°C at 2000 m.

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