Explosive Allegations Rock Bulgaria: Kiril Petkov Scandal Deepens with Nikola Minchev and Pasha Involvement

The political landscape in Bulgaria has been shaken by explosive allegations surrounding Kiril Petkov, who was Minister of Economy in the 2021 caretaker government. A recent investigative report by the "Bivol" website alleges that Petkov ascended to power in violation of the law, sparking widespread controversy and prompting legal action.

The investigation claims that Petkov's appointment as Minister of Economy was marred by forged signatures under documents affirming his resignation from the management of the NGO "Let's Save Coral." Lawyer Lena Borislavova is accused of falsifying these signatures, leading to a formal investigation by the State Customs Service and the Ministry of the Interior.

At the heart of the matter lies Article 19 paragraph 7 of the Law on Administration, which prohibits prime ministers, ministers, and deputy ministers from holding positions in management or control bodies of non-profit entities, commercial companies, or cooperatives. The alleged forgery of documents suggests a breach of this legal provision, casting doubt on the legitimacy of Petkov's appointment.

The investigative report revealed documents purportedly bearing fake signatures of Atanas Rusev, the chairman of "Let's Save Coral." These documents include a power of attorney granting Borislavova authority over the affairs of the association, as well as minutes of a meeting dismissing Petkov from the Board of Directors. The accusations of forgery carry serious legal implications, potentially resulting in imprisonment for those involved.

In a startling twist, Atanas Rusev implicated prominent figures in the scandal, alleging the involvement of Nikola Minchev, former chairman of the National Assembly. While Minchev denied any wrongdoing, the allegations...

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