The West steps up for Ukraine. Will it be enough?

[Tyler Hicks/The New York Times]

Washington has finally acted to offer Ukraine new help. Additional military support for Ukraine was a matter of debate for months in the US Congress. In the end, Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson put the matter to a vote, the proposal passed by a margin of 311 to 112, and new American weapons and money are now on their way to Ukraine. The agreed-upon plan also provides security spending for Israel and Taiwan, but it's the nearly $61 billion for Ukraine that will make the biggest near-term difference. 

This money will help Ukraine pay for Patriot air defense munitions, artillery ammunition, drones, counter-drone weapons, and missiles that can be fired from fighter planes. It's the first cash for Ukraine Congress had authorized since December 2022 and the largest single aid package that Kyiv will have received since the outbreak of war. Some of the weapons...

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