Agriculture vital for Türkiye's survival, says Erdoğan

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has highlighted the critical role of agriculture in Türkiye's survival, underscoring the need for unity and development within the sector.

"The further we advance the diversity of our country's agriculture, the better it will be for Türkiye," Erdoğan said during a gathering in Istanbul on May 17.

The president highlighted the necessity of fostering collaboration among all stakeholders in the agricultural industry to promote a shared understanding.

Erdoğan underscored the government's commitment to supporting agriculture, arguing strides taken in the past two decades to enhance the sector's infrastructure.

"We see agriculture as a sector of vital importance not only for our economy but also for the survival of our nation," he said.

"We have always supported the industry and the farmers," Erdoğan added, announcing initiatives aimed at rural development in the country.

As part of the efforts, Erdoğan unveiled a new project set to create 20,000 jobs in the agricultural sector and outlined financial incentives for farmers, including interest discounts for first-time producers and increased loan limits for equipment and livestock.

However, he acknowledged challenges facing the agricultural industry, including rising meat and fertilizer prices, and emphasized the need for constructive criticism and solutions.

"We are aware of the areas that create problems," he stated, urging opposition parties to contribute to the discourse on addressing these issues.

Turning his attention to global concerns over food security, Erdoğan highlighted Ankara's initiatives, including its role in facilitating grain shipments during the war in Ukraine.

"Without the Black Sea initiative, there...

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