Zelensky: West Fears Both Russian and Ukrainian Defeat in Ongoing War

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky believes that Russia lacks the strength to launch another attack on Kyiv. "They do not have the capability for a large-scale offensive against the capital, as they did at the beginning of the invasion," Zelensky stated in an interview with Agence France-Presse. He indicated that the Kremlin's main targets are Kharkiv and Donbas.

Zelensky also criticized Western countries for preventing him from using their weapons to strike Russia. "The Russians can attack us on our territory, which is their biggest advantage, but we can't use Western weapons against their systems located in Russia. We have no right," the Ukrainian president remarked, noting that he had raised this issue with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Zelensky expressed that the West is caught in a paradox, fearing both a Russian defeat and a Ukrainian defeat. "The West is afraid of Russia losing the war, yet they do not want Ukraine to lose it either. A final victory for Ukraine would mean a defeat for Russia, and vice versa," he explained.

Regarding the Kharkiv region, Zelensky noted that the current Russian offensive could be just the first wave of a larger assault. He mentioned that Moscow aims to attack Kharkiv, but assured that the situation is under control. "They launched their operation, and it may come in several waves. But after this wave, the situation is under control," he said.

Zelensky emphasized that any battle for Kharkiv would be challenging for the Russian army. "They want to attack, but they understand it will be a tough fight. This is a large city, and they know we have the forces to fight for a long time," he added.

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