Vucevic: Majority vote against or majority abstention in UNGA would be success for Serbia

BELGRADE - Serbian PM Milos Vucevic said on Wednesday a majority abstention or a majority vote against a UN General Assembly resolution on Srebrenica on Thursday would be a success for Serbia.

Speaking to Prva TV, Vucevic explained that, even though a majority abstention would not keep the resolution from being passed, it would mean that the majority of the world was against it.

He said passing the resolution would have consequences for both Serbia and the Western Balkan region and that abolition of Republika Srpska and a revision of the Dayton Agreement were the next step.

"Someone is playing with fire in the Western Balkans," he noted.

Vucevic said the fact Germany could be a sponsor or a promoter of the resolution could not be explained to people in Serbia.

"Of course, it is hard for them to understand how Germany can be a sponsor, promoter or...

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