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Turkey rescues 35 asylum seekers in Aegean Sea

Turkey rescued 35 asylum seekers in the Aegean Sea on June 11 after they were illegally pushed back by Greek authorities into Turkish territorial waters, according to a security source.

Op-Ed: Rational radicalism the answer to conservatism

By Yannis Magriotis

Our country over the past decades had impressive growth in many sectors and transcended the dark shadows of the pre-WWII and post-Civil War eras.

It became a member of Western European institutions of security and development and it approached many sides of the democratic and developed world.

Greece Wants to Speed up Repatriation of Asylum Seekers to Safe Turkey

Turkey is a safe country for most asylum seekers now housed on Greek islands, Greece's migration ministry has said, as Athens seeks to speed up repatriations to its eastern neighbour.

According to a 2016 agreement between the European Union and Turkey, the latter should take back Syrian refugees from Greece if they do not face serious risks in Turkey.

Turkey rescues more than 130 asylum seekers in Aegean Sea

Turkey on June 7 rescued 131 asylum seekers in the Aegean Sea after they were illegally pushed back by Greek coastal authorities into Turkish territorial waters, an official said.

Acting on a tip, the Turkish Coast Guard rescued at least 102 migrants from rubber boats off the coast of Dikili in the western Izmir province, said a coast guard statement.

Greece says migrants in Turkey could seek asylum there

Greece on June 7 announced that applications for asylum filed by individuals in Turkey will no longer be accepted. 

"Turkey is designated a safe country for asylum seekers from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Somalia," said a joint decision by the Greek Foreign Ministry as well as the Migration and Asylum Ministry.

Acropolis makeover stirs Greek antiquity row

Controversy has engulfed an ambitious restoration project on the Acropolis, with critics accusing the Greek government of spoiling the country's priceless heritage.

Most of the fire has been directed at a new concrete walkway unveiled in December, which main opposition leader Alexis Tsipras said constitutes "abuse" of Greece's most vaunted archaeological site.

Handful of new guidelines for entry into Greece announced on Friday

A health ministry-affiliated 'blue-chip' panel of epidemiologists and public health experts recommended - and the Greek government enacted - a series of changes dealing with arrivals to the country, as the summer season begins to pick up.

Specifically, the changes, as of Monday, June 7, include an obligation for a Covid-19 test to be conducted on persons over the age of six.

North Macedonia Busts Migrant-Smuggling Ring

North Macedonia's police searched 11 premises in the capital Skopje and in the towns of Veles, Stip, Strumica and Valandovo on Wednesday, arresting six suspected members of a migrant-smuggling group.

Three more suspects are still being sought, police said.

Post-Pandemic Europe to Migrants: Stay Away!

As the world begins to travel again, Europe is sending migrants a loud message: Stay away!

Greek border police are firing bursts of deafening noise from an armored truck over the frontier into Turkey. Mounted on the vehicle, the long-range acoustic device, or "sound cannon," is the size of a small TV set but can match the volume of a jet engine.

Identity Geopolitics: Nation, Faith and the Roma of Western Thrace

The house was in a sprawl of cinder-block shanties on the eastern edge of the town. Two Greek flags hung near the approach. Beyond them lay the Muslim cemetery. The women served coffee, accompanied by the usual jokes about whether to call it Greek or Turkish. The correct term, of course, depended on where you happened to be.

Migrants’ Road Through Romania – “Poor Peoples’ Route”

Inside an abandoned house, onions sizzle as mother-of-four Seror struggles to cook an Iraqi specialty over an open fire, trying to maintain an illusion of home for her loved ones.

The Alhayani family are among hundreds of people from the Middle East, Africa and Asia sheltering in derelict houses in Serbian villages close to the Hungary and Romania borders.

Turkish Coast Guard rescues irregular migrants after Greek pushback

A group of 46 irregular migrants were rescued off Turkey's western province of Canakkale on May 24 after they were pushed back by Greek authorities. 

According to the Turkish Coast Guard, the migrants were on a rubber boat at the time of the rescue. They were then referred to the provincial migration office for deportation.

Editorial: A 200+1 bicentennial!

The confluence of events during the celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the start of the Greek Revolution of 1821 - that great national struggle for independence, rebirth, and reconstruction - was certainly not the best. The COVID-19 pandemic limited our ability to highlight the anniversary and its message of rebirth.