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Dendias and Maas discuss migration problem

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (r) and Greece's Nikos Dendias take questions from reporters Monday following talks in Berlin. Maas praised the steps taken by Greek authorities to address the migration problem and urged Ankara to honor an agreement for migrant returns that it signed with the European Union in 2016.

Plans to ‘purge’ Istanbul of migrants fuel concerns in Evros

Concerns about a possible new influx of undocumented migrants into the country are increasing on both the eastern Aegean islands and in the region of Evros, northeastern Greece, with the approach of the October 30 deadline that the Turkish government has given Syrian refugees to leave Istanbul (or be forcefully removed).

Over 3,400 migrants reached Greece in September

A total of 3,469 migrants arrived at Greece's northern Aegean islands from the start of September till Friday morning, according to figures published by the region's general police directorate.
Breaking down the numbers, 2,078 foreign nationals arrived on Lesvos, 589 on Chios and 802 on Samos since September 1.

Migrant stowaways ride Greek freight trains seeking escape to north

The unassuming freight train rumbles across the countryside in northern Greece, but a moving shadow cast on the ground reveals human figures hiding between its wagons.

Migrant stowaways crouch on the couplers. The monotonous clickety-clack of the wheels speeding over the iron tracks makes them drowsy, or it could be the heat and wind in their faces.

Incentives for Greek tax residency

By the end of next week, the Finance Ministry will have its tax bill ready, which besides tax-easing measures will also include incentives for individuals and corporations active abroad to transfer their tax residency to Greece.

Growth of Migrants' Attempts to Enter Bulgaria from Greece Again

The Ministry of Interior reports an increase in attempts of migrants to enter Bulgaria from Greece. Interior Minister Mladen Marinov explained that additional police and gendarmerie teams had been sent along the border with Bulgaria's neighbour. According to him, there is no need for the country to use army units for security, BNR reported.

'A storm is coming': One migrant family's bid to reach Europe

With migrants only allowed one backpack each on the smugglers' boats that carry them from Turkey to Greece, Ahmed, his wife Hanin and her family packed a few possessions and sent the rest of their belongings to friends.

Then they waited.

Greece arrests two for migrant smuggling

Greece's coast guard says it has seized a sailing boat and arrested two people on suspicion of trying to smuggle 37 migrants to Italy.

Greek surgeon elected president of Doctors Without Borders

Christos Christou, the head of the Greek branch of Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), or Doctors Without Borders, has been elected president of the international humanitarian agency.

In an announcement on Monday, MSF said Christou was elected in June and has already assumed his post.

Business happy with PM’s plan

Greek entrepreneurship appears satisfied with Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis' announcements at the Thessaloniki International Fair last weekend, considering that the tax-easing measures are particularly significant both for businesses and individuals.

Migration and geopolitics

The significant increase in the arrival of refugees and migrants recorded on Greece's Aegean islands over the past few weeks is cause for concern as it indicates that Turkey is seeking to exploit the issue in order to remind the European Union of Ankara's critical role in containing inflows.

Erdogan threatens to flood Europe with some 5.5 million refugees

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan continued with his threats to "open the gates" to a new wave of refugees into Europe, warning on Sunday that some 5.5 million migrants would stream across the Turkish border unless Turkey is given international support and a safe zone is set up in northern Syria.