All News on Social Issues in Greece

If similar measures had been taken in France…

When Athens' Syntagma Square was the center of violent mass protests at the height of Greece's debt crisis, many European journalists, officials and analysts were visiting the city. We had become, literally and figuratively, the "hottest" spot in Europe.

Parliament approves new migration code

Greece's Parliament approved on Wednesday a Migration Ministry legislation that overhauls that migration code, clarifying regulations about residence permits for non-EU migrants and unaccompanied children, and incorporating a related EU Directive (2021/1883/EK). 

Staffing levels at ESY below pre-crisis levels

Despite some hirings during the Covid-19 pandemic, staff levels at Greece's healthcare system (ESY) remain well below pre-financial crisis levels, undermining the quality of services, a new study has found. 

Two women killed in knife attack at Lisbon Ismaili center

Portugese Prime Minister Antonio Costa has said the alleged attacker in a deadly knife attack in Lisbon was a "relatively young man" with three young children whose wife died in a refugee camp in Greece.

Two women were killed and one person wounded in the knife attack, believed to have been carried out by an Afghan refugee at the Ismaili Center in Lisbon on Tuesday.

EU deal to move migrant children from Greece officially ends

A voluntary scheme by European Union member states to accept unaccompanied migrant children from Greece officially ended Tuesday, raising concern over delays still facing the bloc in hammering out a comprehensive new migration agreement.

Future seniors without a safety net

Breaking with the age-old traditions, the family in Greece will in the future be less able to perform the role of safety cushion, taking care of the elderly when they can no longer live independently, due to demographic trends.

Social protection

Social services in Greece already have a lot of ground to cover in order to converge with the European average.

They now have to face the additional challenge of adapting to the new demographics and social reality.

The state will soon be faced with an explosive problem if it does not organize social protection for the elderly.

Serbia: 9 migrants found among aluminum rolls in truck

Serbia's customs authorities said Friday they discovered nine migrants hiding among aluminum rolls in a truck headed to Poland from Greece.

Customs officers on Serbia's border with North Macedonia spotted the migrants on Wednesday during a scan that showed human silhouettes in the back of the truck, a statement said.

SYRIZA slams government over State Department report

SYRIZA press spokeswoman Popi Tsapanidou has taken aim at the government over a recent US State Department report on the human rights situation in Greece.

Health ministry, Unicef pledge to combat child obesity in Greece

Greece and UNICEF on Thursday signed a cooperation agreement to help prevent and combat child obesity on Thursday. The agreement was signed by Minister for Health Thanos Plevris, General Secretary for Public Health Irini Agapidaki, and UNICEF's Representative in Greece Luciano Calestini.

Strangling academic freedom

"Wanted" posters targeting university professors and the acts of bullying by groups of "indignant" students perpetuate a toxic culture in Greek academia.

After almost half a century of solid democracy, there is no excuse for preserving pockets of immunity inside Greece's universities.

Targeting digital nomads

Greece is seeking to become a pole of attraction for digital nomads - i.e. citizens of third countries who work remotely.

A mysterious sect that came and swiftly left

A group of Danish citizens that settled for a while in a village outside Thessaloniki in northern Greece apparently belonged to a secretive Christian sect that is now accused of mistreating its followers, including by subjecting children and adults alike to corporal punishment.