All News on Economics in Greece

The elephant in the room

In a pre-election period, sober assessments in general - and regarding economic developments in particular - do not prosper. Each party must present them in a light that favors its own narrative to voters, with a certain one-sidedness. The drop in unemployment in Greece is one side of the story.

Private-label products grow

The share of private-label products reached historic highs in the first two months of 2023, with consumers looking for cheaper solutions due to inflation, while their participation in the Household Basket measure has been considerable.

Serbian firms expanding Greek presence

Greece constitutes a window to the countries of Western Europe for retail chains from Serbia, which have recently been active in this country and indeed with rapid growth rates.

Editorial: The crisis and the risk

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the war that has been ongoing for four months now - triggering Western sanctions against Moscow and Vladimir Putin's games with natural gas and crude oil - creates complex economic conditions globally and especially in Europe, which has faced very serious repercussions.

Op-Ed: Rational radicalism the answer to conservatism

By Yannis Magriotis

Our country over the past decades had impressive growth in many sectors and transcended the dark shadows of the pre-WWII and post-Civil War eras.

It became a member of Western European institutions of security and development and it approached many sides of the democratic and developed world.

It’s now or never

We have seen "holistic plans" for the economy before, but never such thorough plans.

Most of the points raised in the so-called Pissarides Report on a long-term growth strategy for Greece (named after Cypriot Nobel Laureate Sir Christopher Pissarides who chaired the committee of experts that authored it) have been common knowledge for years. 

Report by Pissarides committee envisions bold, across-the-board reforms

The vision of a new Greece as encapsulated in the 244-page action plan drafted by the committee of experts led by Nobel Laureate Sir Christopher Pissarides foresees across-the-board reforms to all sectors so as to ensure the development of the economy in a way that will lead to an increase in per capita income, strengthen social cohesion and improve the country's environmental performance.

German model to protect jobs

The government is pondering different schemes to tackle reduced employment that would see it subsidizing part of lost salaries or social security contributions, once the country enters the stage of a gradual return to a new kind of normalcy.

Drop in social expenditure in 2016 and 2017

Social protection spending in Greece fell in 2016 and 2017, according to the latest Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) data, despite the social profile the previous government tried to project, mainly through the handouts made at the end of every year.

Editorial: From the ‘Chicago boys’ to the ‘Texas boys’

Ta Nea on 9 November published an interview with American economist and Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz in which he essentially admitted that he and a team of his colleagues from the University of Texas in 2015 were working on a plan for Greece to return to the drachma and leave the eurozone.

He viewed this prospect as an attractive solution for Greece's economic problems.

The frivolous Mr. Stiglitz: An open letter by Nicos Christodoulakis

Dear Mr. Stiglitz,

It was an unpleasant surprise to hear that you participated along with other US academics in preparing a plan for Greece to exit the euro in 2015. The feeling was even harder, since you still believe that it was "carefully set" and seem rather disappointed for not finally implemented.

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