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Thousands bid farewell to Theodorakis

Thousands of Greeks on Sept. 8 bid farewell to Mikis Theodorakis, a world-renowned activist and musician whose work brought Greek culture to a global audience in the latter 20th century.

Theodorakis, whose musical score for the 1964 movie "Zorba the Greek" helped foster a carefree image of Greece abroad for millions, died on Sept. 2 aged 96.

The Greek nation bids farewell to beloved composer Mikis Theodorakis

By George Gilson

A massive number of mourners gathered outside of Athens Cathedral today to bid farewell to the beloved composer Mikis Theodorakis, who died at age 96 and left a deep imprint on the Greek soul and national consciousness, at the funeral.

Editorial: A free human being

There are times when whatever one might say would appear commonplace.

One wishes only to remain silent, to remember, to lower one's head and close one's eyes, and to listen to a song.

Mikis Theodorakis cannot fit into a mould, nor can one separate his music from his political struggles.

Three days of Mourning in Greece in Memory of Composer Mikis Theodorakis

Greece has declared three days of mourning in memory of composer Mikis Theodorakis, who died at the age of 96.

"The voice of the people fell silent," Greek newspapers wrote on the front page on the occasion of the death of the legendary composer of the film "Zorba the Greek".

Mikis Theodorakis – The historic concert in Karaiskaki Stadium

At the age of 96, Mikis Theodorakis passed away, leaving behind an invaluable legacy.

Mikis was imprisoned and tortured during the dictatorship and only in 1970 was he released under intense pressure from great international divs such as Lawrence Olivier, Dmitry Shostakovich, Arthur Miller, Leonard Bernstein, and others.

Belgrade’s ‘Serbian World’ Fantasies Jeopardise Balkan Cooperation

For their part, Marusic and Haddad are decidedly optimistic about the project's significance, writing: "Coming on the heels of the breakthrough Prespa agreement between North Macedonia and Greece, initiatives like Open Balkan signal that something important, and indeed healthy, is happening on the ground: Local leaders are taking ownership of their fate and showing creativity."

PM Citu: Romanian firefighters who acted in Greece did an excellent job

On Monday morning, Prime Minister Florin Citu congratulated the Romanian firefighters who acted to extinguish wildfires in Greece, saying that they "did an excellent job." "A new mission successfully accomplished in Greece. Our firefighters have once again done an excellent job. Congratulations on all their effort and courage!

Romanian firefighters in Greece protect Profitis Ilias Monastery in Vilia

The Romanian military firefighters currently on mission in Greece have ensured, throughout Tuesday, until the early hours of Wednesday, protection against the wildfires for the Profitis Ilias Monastery in the area of Vilia. They deployed to the area with a fire engine, a cistern, an offroad vehicle, an utility terrain vehicle (UTV), and a drone.

Romanian firefighters in Greece acting to limit spread of flames in Vilia area

Romanian military firefighters on mission in Greece acted on Monday to limit the spread of flames in the Vilia area, as well as to maintain a line of protection between the fire front and the unaffected areas. "Moreover, at the request of the Greek authorities, the Romanian fire brigades supplied the fire trucks of their Greek colleagues.