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Turkish film wins big at French festival

The film "Omar ve Biz" (Omar and Us), directed by Matyna Er Gorbach and Mehmet Bahadır Er, has won awards at an international festival.

The 2019 film, shot in collaboration with TRT with the support of the Culture and Tourism Ministry, won three big awards at the 10th South European Film Festival (SEE) organized in France.

A Promenade from the Inside’ at Kundura Cinema

Istanbul's Kundura Cinema offers a short break during self-quarantine with a special online screening program entitled "A Promenade from the Inside."

Turkey’s poet of hope: Nazım Hİkmet

Hailed by many as the writer of hope, Turkish poet Nazım Hikmet, with his profound optimism, may be just what the world needs now to face down the era of coronavirus.

Painter Vladimir Zamfirescu has died at 84

Painter Vladimir Zamfirescu has died on Monday evening, aged 84. He will be buried on Thursday at the Bellu Catholic Cemetery. "The National Museum of Romanian Literature (MNLR) with great sadness announces the demise on June 1, 2020, of painter Vladimir Zamfirescu, a great personality of the Romanian and European contemporary art," reads a post on the MNLR Website.

Coronavirus: How the health crisis has influenced the activity of European news agencies

The health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic greatly influenced the activity of European news agencies in terms of working procedures, and some expect a drop in revenues, according to the directors of some of these media outlets in interviews published on Monday on the European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA) website.

An online audio diary of 200-day quarantine

"Talk Tomorrow," an online audio diary of a 200-day quarantine, which was first released in Greek a month ago, was recently premiered online in Turkish language.

Outdoor cinemas reopen to the public

A woman prepares to take a seat at an open-air cinema in Kypseli, central Athens, Monday evening. Open-air movie theaters across Greece opened their doors to the public following the easing of coronavirus-related restrictions. They are only allowed to run at 75 percent capacity, with open bars and no breaks. Only cinema employees are obliged to wear face masks.

Note to readers

Readers are advised that while Greece's archaeological sites are back in operation, all public and private museums, galleries, entertainment and concert spaces remain closed on the orders of the country's health authorities in a bid to contain the Covid-19 outbreak.

UNHCR, Solidarity Now create podcasts on coronavirus for non-Greek speakers

The UΝ refugee agency, the nongovernmental organization Solidarity Now and, Greece's first platform for creating and distributing podcasts, are providing foreigners in Greece who do not speak the language important information regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

‘We are here,’ say artists seeking support from state

Demonstrators carry a giant puppet during a protest outside Greek Parliament in Athens on Thursday. Hundreds of musicians, actors and other art workers demanded more support for their sector. "We are here," read a message drawn in chalk on the street. In the northern city of Thessaloniki, musicians performed tied up in red-and-white cordon tape.

Famous rapper Drake refers to Greece trip in song preview

Aubrey Drake Graham, the chart-topping Canadian rapper and songwriter, also known as Drake, refers to "fly[ing] out to Greece" during a live Instagram session previewing some new songs.

Among the previewed tracks was a snippet of the artist singing, "Come with me, fly you out to Greece."  

The survival of art

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis ended a recent speech in Parliament by acknowledging the need brought up by opposition leaders for medium- and long-term measures to support people who work in the arts. He suggested that funds could be found from the European Union-backed development framework for a "targeted program" to help jobless people in the area of culture.

Artists call for roadmap to support culture

A view of the National Theater of Greece in central Athens. As the government prepares to gradually reopen the coronavirus-hit economy on May 4, directors and other artists have called on the Culture Ministry to announce a similar plan to help the performing arts. "One would have expected that, after specialized measures were announced for hairdressers...

Thessaloniki doc festival to be moved online

The 22nd Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (TDF), which was postponed amid concerns over the coronavirus pandemic in March, will be moved online, organizers said Wednesday.

This year's films, including 77 local productions, will be screened between May 19-28. Films will only be available for 400 free viewings. They will not be accessible outside Greece.