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Liberals Close to Quitting Romania Coalition

Romania's centre-left coalition looked close to splitting up after Klaus Johanis, a leader of National Liberal Party, PNL, on Monday said he was “not very optimistic that the coalition will survive tomorrow.

“We failed to find a solution to the proposed cabinet changes. As a result, our party will decide on Tuesday if our ministers will leave the government or not,” he added.

Romanian Tourists Flock to Bulgaria's Black Sea Resorts for Easter

Bulgarian Black Sea coast hotel owners have recorded an increase of Romanian tourists 2 months before Easter.

Many Romanian tourists prefer Bulgaria's north Black Sea coast resort of Balchik. Hotels there are almost full for the holidays with price rates remaining unchanged since last summer.

Bucharest Stray Dog Crackdown Yields Results

The local authorities took a total of 6,756 stray dogs off the streets of Bucharest between September 2013 and January 2014, following the adoption of a new law aimed at solving the problem which has plagued Romania for years.

4.5 Earthquake Shakes Romania’s Vrancea

A 4.5 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale shook Romania's Vrancea region in the early hours of Monday.

The earthquake was registered at 2:23 AM at a depth of 104 km, according to the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre. The epicenter is 157 km north of the capital Bucharest.

National Theater to perform in Turkey

BELGRADE - Belgrade's National Theater will participate in the first International Balkan Countries' Theater Festival to be held in the Turkish city of Bursa on March 8-22, with their production of William Shakespeare's Henry VI, National Theater released on Thursday.

Besides the host country, the festival will gather theaters from Croatia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece and Romania.

Clashes in Ukraine Worry Neighbouring Romania

As fresh fighting broke out in Kiev on Thursday, and as the death toll rose, Romania's President expressed concern and called for a peaceful solution to the crisis in neighboring Ukraine.

“I am not supporting economic sanctions against Ukraine, but severe sanctions are needed against those responsible for the excessive use of force in Kiev,” President Traian Basescu said on Thursday.

Party Dispute Threatens Romania Coalition

Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Wednesday took over the role of interim Finance Minister while another member of his ruling Social Democrat Party, PSD, will temporarily head the economy portofolio.

The moves are the latest in a weeks-long feud among Romania’s ruling coalition members, which escalated after the parties failed to agree on cabinet changes.

Making Serbia Part of the Picture

The Serbian film Commission, SFC, has mapped out 160 locations suitable for filming as part of a bid to attract more producers of feature films, TV shows and commercials to Serbia.

The project, financed by the European Union and the Austrian Agency for Development, includes 34 municipalities and cities connected to the river Danube.

Romania's GDP growth leads the EU

Romania's GDP growth leads the EU

Quarterly economic growth registers at 1.7 percent in Romania, Eurostat says. In other business news: Turkey ranks third in a list of the world's friendliest destinations for Muslim travellers; Albania encourages Italian investment.

The GDP in Romania grew by 5.1 percent this year. [AFP]

Serbia ranks 54th in world according to Press Freedom Index

PARIS - Serbia ranks 54th among 180 world countries according to the degree of freedom of the media, while Macedonia and Montenegro are the lowest ranked countries in the Balkans according to the Press Freedom Index for 2014, Reporters without Borders organisation released.

Last year, Serbia claimed the 63rd place on the list.

Serbia to play against Romania in Fed Cup playoffs

BELGRADE - The Serbian national female tennis team will play against Romania in the match for the last place in the Fed Cup second world group, the draw in London determined on Tuesday.