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Balkans Must Escape ‘Cycle of Suffering’ – Serbian Actor

The first was Nikola Rakocevic, in 2014. In its time, European Shooting Stars has brought such now famous world stars as Rachel Weisz, Franka Potente, Daniel Craig, and others to Berlin.

But Maric says he does not think that world fame automatically awaits him.

"I'm not getting too excited. Hollywood will not be ruined without me," he jokes.

Legendary folk singer dies in car crash in Germany

This is according to the press in Serbia and in the region.

Blic writes that 43-year-old musician Mirsad Keric, who was behind the wheel, has passed away. However, his son later denied this.

According to the German police, the incident involved a 34-year-old intoxicated driver of a Mazda 6, a resident of the German town of Gutersloh.

Berlin: Serbian film wins Europa Cinemas Label Prize

Directed by Miroslav Terzic, the film stars Snezana Bogdanovic as Ana, a seamstress who is convinced her infant son was stolen at birth to be sold for adoption some 20 years ago, the Hollywood Reporter writes.

Halep nominated for Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year 2019 award

Romanian tennis player Simona Halep has been nominated for Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year 2019 award, which will be presented at the 2019 Laureus World Sports Awards scheduled for Monday evening in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Halep is competing with American gymnast Simone Biles, Czech skier Ester Ledecka, German tennis player Angelique Keber and American skier Mikaela Shiffrin.

Centennial of Romanian press, celebrated at Palace of the Patriarchate

A centenary of Romanian press was celebrated on Thursday, at a gala, at the Palace of the Patriarchate, where academician Eugen Simion, head of the Department of Literature and Philology with the Romanian Academy affirmed that journalism has "a moral role and a national role."

PM Dancila: I will participate in Belgrade on Friday and Saturday in the quadrilateral Romania-Bulgaria-Greece-Serbia meeting

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila announced that she will participate in Belgrade on Friday and Saturday in the quadrilateral Romania-Bulgaria-Greece-Serbia meeting, where she will present Romania's priorities during the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, focusing on advancing the European agenda referring to the Western Balkans and on projects regarding the region's

Slayer Include Bulgaria in their Final Tour in the Summer of 2019

The Trash Metal band Slayer will include Bulgaria in its Final World Tour farewell tour and will delight their Bulgarian fans with a concert on July 11 at a spacious location in the park at Sofia Airport, announced the organizers of their visit here EventEase.

BIRN Film Charts Rise of Serbia's Ruling Party

A new film by BIRN Serbia, "SNS - pocetak, 2008" ["SNS - the start, 2008"], delves into the origins and rise of the Serbian Progressive Party, SNS, which has ruled the country since 2012.

During the making of the film, BIRN journalists talked with many  individuals from Serbian public life, but also from the US, who had a role in the creation of the SNS.

Belgrade band perform "Next Year in Prizren" in Kosovo

They were at the monastery for the feast of Holy King Milutin - and on the occasion, performed their latest song, "Dogodine u Prizrenu (Next Year in Prizren).

The song mentions the town of Prizren in Kosovo because it was the ancient capital of the Serbian medieval empire - while the title itself is a paraphrase of the Jewish saying, "Next year in Jerusalem."

Pink panther questioned by Cyprus police

Cyprus police have in their custody a member of the Pink Panthers, the infamous gang of well-dressed jewel thieves that have been staging spectacular heists for decades around the world.

Weekly's controversial front page, and storm of reactions

The front page, that features an image of a growling dog and the heading, "The Hounds Are Unleashed," has caused President Vucic's media adviser Suzana Vasiljevic to resign from the supervisory board of Politika AD, the publisher of the weekly.

Vucic condemns front page of weekly magazine

It featured the picture of a growling dog and covers of certain domestic printed media and the heading "The Hounds Are Unleashed," Beta agency reported.

Exhibition about fate of Serbs in WW1 to open in Rome

The exhibition is entitled (in Italian), "La Serbia e i serbi 1914-1918. Nei documenti dell'Archivio di Serbia" (Serbia and the Serbs 1914-1918. In the documents of the Archive of Serbia).

Serbian Ambassador Goran Aleksic and Archive of Serbia Director Miroslav Perisic will speak at the opening ceremony, Tanjug reported.