Independent Authority

AADE deal with Papastratos against contraband cigarettes

Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE) head Giorgos Pitsilis and Papastratos chairman and CEO Christos Harpantidis have signed a cooperation agreement aimed at battling the illicit trade in tobacco products, it was announced on Friday.

The agreement strengthens strategic cooperation between the two sides to combat the illicit trade.

Last chance to re-enter debt schemes

Taxpayers and companies with debts to the state have until Thursday to apply for re-entering the payment plans of 100-120 tranches, and must also pay December's installment.

The tranches missed as a result of the pandemic - from March up to November - will be added after the end of the debt settlement program.

Unpaid dues soar in October

The suspension of tax obligations will not suffice to reverse the negative sentiment in the economy, recorded also in the tax authorities' statistics: Within just one month, expired debts to the state grew 1 billion euros, which calls to mind the decade of the bailout program, when every year saw the creation of €12-13 billion in new debts.

No advance tax payments for 84,191 firms, professionals

About 35% of businesses and independent professionals who have submitted tax returns on their 2019 income have seen a drop in earnings that dispenses them from having to pay advance taxes on 2020 earnings, according to data released on Wednesday by the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR).