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Serbian Far Right Leader Acquitted For Publishing 'Traitor' List

The president of a far-right group, the Serbian National Movement Nasi ['ours'], was acquitted of persecution, racial discrimination and other forms of discrimination Tuesday. Ivan Ivanoviv faced charges for publishing a blacklist of public figures who he said were anti-Serb "traitors".

New Phase in Kosovo 'Internal Dialogue' Puzzles Serbs

Serbia announced the formation on Monday of a "working group" for the second phase of the country's "internal dialogue" on Kosovo, the former province that proclaimed its independence in 2008.

However, some experts have called the formation of the new group absurd, saying the result of the first phase remain totally unknown.

Serbian Opposition Fails to Attract Disaffected Voters

While Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic enjoys great popularity, many of those who do not support him also do not respect the opposition either.

"The democratic opposition is only democratic on paper. They don't value democracy in their ranks, or when they are in power," one disaffected voter, Jelena Babic, told BIRN.