Climate change skepticism and denial

Vucic: Contact with Trump's office could be established soon

BELGRADE - Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic said Monday his recent visit to Abu Dhabi had included meetings with advisers to US president-elect Donald Trump, and added that he was expecting to soon establish contact with Trump's office and with Trump himself.

Vucic was responding to media speculations that he had travelled to Abu Dhabi to attend a Formula 1 race.

Albania Town Declares Trump Honorary Citizen

In a surprise move, the Mayor of Kamza, Xhelal Mziu, a town of more than 100,000 inhabitants near the Albanian capital, has declared US President-elect Donald Trump an Honorary Citizen.

Mziu, who comes from the opposition centre-right Democratic Party, announced the decision on a Facebook post and on the council website.

‘Our’ guy and the ‘other’

Could Donald Trump win the US election? It's possible. The same anti-systemic wave that has swept through Europe is now rocking the boat of the US political system. The Republican candidate is similar in ways to Ronald Reagan, whose political opponents used to refer to as the "Teflon president," because no accusations of wrongdoing ever stuck.

Donald Trump and Groucho Marx

The odds have lengthened against a Donald Trump presidency after his Wisconsin defeat, and they were probably already ten-to-one against. If he wins the Republican nomination, which is still very likely, he will almost certainly face Hillary Clinton in the November election, and lose badly.