Ukraine Faces LNG Shortage in 18 of 24 Regions

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Eighteen out of 24 Ukrainian regions have declared they have insufficient amount of liquefied gas (LNG), with Western town and cities most severely affected, local media report.

The shortage observed over the past weeks is caused by the Kiev government's decision to scrap a mechanism for the selling of gas at bargaining prices. This means region with scarce or lacking pipeline infrastructure will ether have to meet their energy needs without gas or to pay hefty prices.

Most of the regional gas companies in Ukraine have remained without LNG supplies since the beginning of May, according to Ukrainian website

One official was quoted as saying that there is "nowhere to buy" the resource and that even though many people in his region use it, there have lately been no "special auctions" through which it can be secured.

Ukraine could now be heading for a gas crisis, as it refuses to pay its debts to Gazprom amid a standoff with Russia.

It is also introducing a number of measures to fight its financial problem. In April it canceled gas subsidies which allowed for the fuel to be bought at considerably lower prices.

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