From December 1st Bulgarians will Travel to Canada Without Visas

Source: Twitter

However, this does not allow work, application and research is needed.

From 1 December, within 6 months, Bulgarians will be able to travel and stay in Canada without visas. This was confirmed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva in the "Day Begins" on BNT.

She specified that the visa-free travel does not allow work there, but is suitable for short business trips, tourism, visits to relatives, acquaintances and friends.

"If citizens travel by plane, they will have to register on the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Registration is valid for 5 years, the fee is 7 Canadian dollars. This is a one-time registration and does not need to be done before each trip. It will be valid within 5 years, "explained the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

If Bulgarian citizens want to work in Canada, they have to get permission in a completely different way. The Canadian Ministry of Labor and Social Policy has a survey.

"I urge Bulgarian citizens who have decided to work to research things well," Zaharieva appealed.

Concerning the fall of visas with the United States, Zaharieva said the diplomatic efforts in this direction continue. She hoped that this would happen within three years.

From today without a visa, Bulgarians who have had a Canadian visa in the past 10 years or have an American visa will be able to travel.

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