Eurostat: Every Third Bulgarian has Traveled for Tourism once a Year

About 30 percent of Bulgarians, or almost every third, have made at least one tourist trip for personal purposes (abroad or within the country), according to Eurostat's analysis of EU travel trips in 2016. The average indicator for European travelers is almost double than ours - 62% of Europeans have traveled at least once for tourism in the year in question.

According to European statistics, more than 1.8 million Bulgarians have made at least once a tourism trip in 2016. However, most of these trips were inside the country (about 26 per cent of the 30 per cent ), with only 2% of the traveling Bulgarians doing tourism abroad, and another 2% have taken a combined trip.

The average cost of a traveling Bulgarian for tourism abroad was 156 euros, compared to 336 euro average cost of tourism for an EU citizen, reports Eurostat.

The data of the European statistics broadly coincide with the data of NSI about the trips of the Bulgarians in the past 2017 - the biggest share was the trips of the Bulgarians inside the country (about 85% of all trips). About 11 per cent of the Bulgarians' trips were abroad and about 4 per cent were mixed - inside the country and abroad.

The average cost of a person when traveling within the country was about 200 leva, and abroad - just over 500 leva, reported NSI. The biggest part of the Bulgarians' voyage within the country were accommodation and food (about 40 per cent), and transport (around 30 per cent) abroad.

The relative share of the independent trips of the Bulgarians (inside and without reservation) was 95 per cent, while abroad and also without reservation - 63 per cent.

The most active in tourism were Bulgarians aged 25-45 years - almost half of all trips were by people in this age category.

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