Bid to change way president is elected remains on track

Greek lawmakers took a step closer to changing the way the country's president is elected after including the relevant article (32) of the Constitution among those that will be revised by the next Parliament after the national election.

In Thursday's second and final roll call vote, 224 MPs voted that Article 32 will be up for revision. This was more than the 221 votes the proposal garnered during last month's initial vote.

This means the next Parliament will need just 151 votes to revise the article and to ensure that Parliament will not be dissolved if its fails to elect a president - as was the case in 2015, which led to the national election that unseated the New Democracy government and ushered in the SYRIZA-led coalition.

Parliament on Thursday voted on a total of 32 proposals presented by SYRIZA, four by ND and seven from individual MPs, all of which had...

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