Montenegro Coup Convicts Mull Appealing to Strasbourg

They were found guilty of plotting to commit "terrorist acts" and undermine the constitutional order during the parliamentary elections in October 2016, with a view to overthrowing the government and preventing Montenegro from joining NATO.

Prosecution 'carried out Djukanovic's orders'

Jovanovic also accused Special State Prosecutor Milivoje Katnic of conducting an investigation in the case on Djukanovic's own orders.

"Katnic is just an ordinary executor of political orders, a servant of the Djukanovic family," he said.

"No one with any [legal] knowledge … would ever agree to take part in the installation of this joke, which they call a coup attempt," said Jovanovic.

The Montenegrin President has not responded to accusations of political interfence, while the prosecution has rejected them.

Katnic told the media after the verdict that Djukanovic had no influence on the work of the prosecution.

Two leaders of the pro-Russian opposition Democratic Front, Mandic and Milan Knezevic, were given sentences of up to five years.

Mandic and Knezevic both denounced the verdicts, saying they would appeal. They also urged neighbouring Serbia to speak out against the verdicts. Mandic accused President Milo Djukanovic and his businessman brother, Aco, of falsely claiming that an attempted coup occurred in 2016.

Knezevic also blamed Djukanovic's brother for the coup allegations and accused him of misusing state authorities to back up the claims. Jovanovic said the defence would appeal first to the Appeal Court once when they officially receive the verdict of the High Court.

"We are now half-way to the final resolution of this case. Since all the most relevant international legal and political addresses...

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