Forgotten Children of Bosnian War Remembered in Srebrenica

An exhibition titled "Breaking Free", hosted by the "Forgotten Children of War" association - focusing on the stigmatized children of the 1992-5 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina - will open at the Cultural Centre in Srebrenica, in eastern Bosnia, on Saturday.

A round table will be held at the opening of the exhibition on August 10, during which participants will have a chance to speak to and about children born as a result of the war - some as a result of rape, or whose biological fathers were members of foreign humanitarian organizations who served in Bosnia during the war.

At present, the Association gathers around 50 members - all former children of the Bosnian war from those categories.

The Association says the goal of the exhibition is to remind people of the stigma and discrimination that both women who survived wartime rape and children born of those unfortunate acts have faced.

"The exhibition will also show the fight, strength, persistence and, primarily, humanity in the fight of those people," the Association said in its announcement. The exhibition first opened in Sarajevo on April 8. In Srebrenica it will be open until August 15.

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