Mali: Rise in salaries and pensions till the end of year, pension rise on January 1st

According to the finance minister, public sector employees can expect their salaries to rise by the end of the year.
Finance Minister Sinisa Mali said in an interview for RTS that the pensioners would receive a once-off payment of 5,000 dinars by the end of year, while the pension rise can be expected from January 1, 2020.
"Till the end of 2019, our citizens could expect a once-off payment of 5,000 dinars, and if calculations are right, with the rise from January 1, we will see what sum will be reached in accordance with Swiss formula", Mali claims.
"Public sector salaries will be raised by the end of the year and very soon in about 10 days, we will see the situation in the budget and we will know the percentage by mid-September," the minister pointed out.
Mali says that we are in for lots of challenges, with slowdown in German economy, Eurozone, which will impact the growth rate of Serbian economy.
"Situation in the state budget is such that the results of economic reforms from 2014 gives us the right to return its benefits to the citizens of Serbia through raising salaries and pensions", Mali pointed out.

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