The Brain Works Best During the Fall

A person's strength may vary from season to season, but the peak of cognitive activity is in the fall. The results of a study by scientists from the United States, Canada, France and Israel show this. They have conducted cognitive and concentration tests among 3,500 respondents over 60, according to Coffee Pause.

The results show that their brains have reached their maximum levels of work sometime in late summer and early fall. They believe the results may be influenced by light, temperature, hormone levels or vitamin D.

Those who participated in cognitive tests in the winter were 30% more likely to have cognitive impairment or dementia.

While not sure of the real reason why the results are such, Dr. Lim and other team scientists say this study opens new avenues for understanding how the brain reaches its peak. This could help in research to prevent or at least reduce the development of Alzheimer's disease.

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