Dr. Kon: This was totally unexpected

"The epidemic process has its own rules, theres an incubation phase, a period that must pass in order to review the effect of measures implemented. The number of days is approximately seven to ten," he said.

According to him, after a fortnight of closed shopping malls and catering facilities, the effect of the measures implemented is very clear and so is the slowdown and decline in the number of people infected with the Coronavirus, but he added that it must be said that the situation is still extraordinary.
Mr. Kon told TV Pink that the medical part of the Crisis Staff still wants to slow down on easing the measures for the time being, and that it would be tragic to make a mistake due to impatience.
He said that the measures cannot be mitigated while the Covid hospitals are packed with patients and that we need to see clearly the discharge numbers going up.
"The vaccine works extremely well in Belgrade," said Mr. Kon, and specified that the slowdown and decline in the number of people infected with the Coronavirus can be seen especially in the capital city, where over 34 percent of the adult population has been vaccinated.
Mr. Kon said that he sees no difference between markets, shopping malls, and catering facilities.
"You have retail centers, where each store has its duties, but we do not have situations like in big shopping malls, where everything is under one roof. The pressure is huge, because everything was closed at the very beginning, but based on all requests we received, around 85 of them, shops were reopened after 3-4 days. After the consultations, we noticed that certain measures could be relaxed, and those were later adjusted. We have to listen to each other. We have listened to the caterers and we have reacted...

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