Bulgaria: People Aged 60 Were Slowest in Experimental Machine Voting

Ninety-seven people cast their vote within two hours during the machine voting experiment conducted by the Central Election Commission (CEC) in the village of Dobroslavtsi, BNR's correspondent Tsvetelina Stoyanova reports.

The fastest to vote were the people aged 30 to 39, an average of 49 seconds. The youngest and people aged 60 needed one minute. The experiment showed that women vote faster than men, people with university degrees vote faster than people with lower than university education, Tsvetozar Tomov, deputy chair of the CEC said.

The data from the three experiments conducted have to be aggregated and a decision will then be made as to how many more voting machines should be provided. During the first experiment conducted in Sofia 75 people cast their vote within the space of one hour. 


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