Kiril Petkov: "We Continue the Change" will Propose a Coalition Agreement

"We Continue the Change" will offer the signing of a coalition agreement, which will include all important topics for our country, announced the co-chairman of the formation Kiril Petkov on the air of "Nova TV".

Kiril Petkov announced that after the elections he had a short conversation with the BSP leader Cornelia Ninova, with the co-chairman of "Democratic Bulgaria" Hristo Ivanov and with the leader of "There Is Such a People" Slavi Trifonov.

He stressed that the desire of "We Continue the Change" is to take a non-partisan approach in the negotiations for forming a government, by creating working groups with experts.

Bulgaria needs a coalition. We have so many crises to solve that no one can afford to go to the polls once again, Petkov commented.

The optimistic thing is that we have a very large majority of people who want change, the majority is stable, he said. Petkov pointed out that he sees many common policies with "Democratic Bulgaria" and "There Is Such a People".

In the negotiations for the coalition "We Continue the Change" will not set conditions for ministerial posts, although the formation has already stated its desire for Kiril Petkov to be nominated for prime minister, and the other co-chairman - Asen Vassilev, for finance minister.

Petkov pointed out that there are two main changes around which consensus will be sought - the change of the chief prosecutor and a change in the Anti-Corruption Commission. There are some things that if we don't do them, there is no point in being in power, he argued.

Asked about the position of "We Continue the Change" for the Republic of North Macedonia, Petkov said that they will form the best teams of experts in all fields. The worst option would be to use the topic...

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