Greek medicine market will be normalized in the next 10 days

The president of the EOF, Dimitris Filippou, "foresees" the normalization of the drug market in the next ten days, as he stated on ERT channel on Monday.

Speaking about the list of 161 medicines that are in short supply on the Greek market, Mr. Filippou stated that it is a perennial problem which is particularly acute in Europe, more so than in Greece, while regarding the concern that was created, he commented that "we've gone a bit overboard these days".

According to the president of the National Medicines Organization, at EOF they did not wait for the phenomenon to manifest itself before starting to deal with it, but for three years they have taken relevant actions.

Regarding the list of medical preparations that are in short supply for various reasons, he emphasized that "it concerns chronic patients and is mostly anti-diabetic drugs, anti-epileptics, psychotropic drugs, which are in short supply due to disruption of global production". Regarding the inhalants in which most of the shortages were reported, he revealed that large quantities were released from pharmaceutical warehouses and will soon be available to patients.

Generics will help solve the problem

Speaking about the widely used drugs that were in short supply during the holidays, he said that the problem is being addressed.

"In Greece, we have a strong pharmaceutical industry which, with generics, has covered to a very significant extent the needs for first aid medicines, those that the patient goes to get from the pharmacy himself", he said in this regard.

Speaking about the oncology drugs, he emphasized that in cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry since 2019 we have succeeded in bringing the production to Greece. "So this year countries like...

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