Trapped and jobless, Gaza youths look for a way out

Palestinians relatives of Sabreen Abu Jazar, who died when a boat carrying migrants sank offshore Greece, mourn in her family home in Gaza Strip March 3. [Reuters]

Sabreen Abu Jazar was only hours from completing the perilous journey from Gaza to meet her husband in Europe last month when her migrant boat flipped and sank 100 metres from the Greek coast. Her body was finally returned home this week.

"She phoned me just before traveling and asked me to pray for her," said her mother, sat in a mourning tent in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

After leaving Gaza in February, via Egypt, Sabreen flew to Turkey where she met her husband, who had migrated to Belgium years ago. They had planned to meet again in Greece, where he had promised a honeymoon but Sabreen never arrived. Three other brides were on the boat.

On Tuesday, around three weeks after her death, Abu Jazar's body was brought home for burial in her town of Rafah.

"I celebrated her as a bride, now she's returned to me in a coffin," said her mother-in-law...

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