Mytilineos buys into hydrogen down under

Mytilineos on Monday announced the acquisition of a 15% equity stake in Clara Energy's Rosedale Green Hydrogen project in Australia.

Mytilineos' investment will support the commencement of stage 1 of the Rosedale project to build a hydrogen generation facility that will be exclusively powered by solar production and will feed long-haul trucks that cross one of the country's busiest highways, the Sydney-Melbourne Hume Highway corridor.

The unit is at the most suitable location to become the main fuel supplier for long-haul heavy-load trucks, as well as for all vehicles traveling between Sydney and Melbourne taking that route.

In a world where the transport sector is constantly developing and decarbonization is moving forward with determination, trucks seem to be lagging behind. In particular, since 2020, the transport industry has been at the forefront of carbon...

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