"Europe has gone mad... Maybe we'll launch a preemptive nuclear strike"

Deputy President of the Russian Security Council, and former prime minister, believes that there are irreversible laws of war and that if there is a question of sending nuclear weapons to Ukraine, Russia could carry out a "preventive" attack with the same weapons.
He also believes that Europe has gone mad, because it constantly adds fuel to the fire with its decisions and encourages escalation, while the USA starts from its pragmatic interests and tries to destroy the centuries-old enemy embodied in Russia.
"Europe has gone mad. The United States operates largely within the field of its pragmatic interests. They do not wage a war, they are making money instead. They are trying to eliminate their centuries-long enemy," the politician said.
"As far as Europe is concerned, it is a strange story for me. They keep heating up tensions with their decisions," the Russian official continued. "They are encouraging escalation with their decisions," Medvedev told reporters during his visit to Vietnam.
"There are some irreversible rules of war. If it comes to [deliveries of] nuclear weapons [to Ukraine], a preemptive strike will have to be carried out," he said.
In his opinion, the West still fails to grasp this and believes that this will not happen.
Medvedev believes that the Ukrainian conflict could last a long time, perhaps decades.
"It is a conflict that will last. Probably for decades. It is a new reality, new living conditions. While there is such a government, there will be, for example, three years of truce, two years of conflict and then everything will happen again. It is necessary to destroy the very nature of the Nazi authorities in Kyiv," he said.

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