Vučić and Murmu: We are proud of our traditional friendship PHOTO/VIDEO

She was welcomed with the highest state honors, a red carpet, the Guard of the Serbian Army lined up and the singing of the anthems of the two countries. After that, Vui and Murmu addressed the public.
"It is a great honor for me to have the opportunity and privilege to host you, this is the first visit since 1972. I am sure that you could see the friendship at every step. We are proud of our traditional friendship. I want to thank you for your support for the territorial integrity of Serbia. Today we discussed overall cooperation. Our trade exchange is growing, but it is insufficient, we believe that it can be 20 times greater," said the president.
"Our tourist exchange will have to be facilitated by simplifying the visa regime, I gave the order to completely simplify the visa regime with India so that we can attract as many people as possible from India," said Vui.
He said that military cooperation was also discussed today and added that our two countries can develop cooperation especially in the future when it comes to the production of weapons.
As he said, our priority is to strengthen industrial cooperation between India and Serbia.
In addition to the cooperation between the cinemas of the two countries, IT cooperation and the exchange of agricultural products were also discussed.
"The most important thing is that we continue to deepen our friendly relations," added Vui.
The President of the Republic of India thanked President Vui.
"I am delighted to be visiting Serbia, I thank Vui and the people of Serbia for the respect and welcome shown to me," she said.
"We really had a constructive meeting with President Vui in all areas, we are also determined to continue working on our bilateral relations, we agreed...

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