Greeks vote in repeat election, likely to return conservatives to office

A woman with her dog casts a ballot at a polling station, during the general election, in Athens, Greece, June 25, 2023. [Louiza Vradi/Reuters]

Greeks went to the polls on Sunday for the second time in little over a month to elect a new parliament, with voters expected to give former Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis' conservatives a second term in office.

Sunday's election is being held in the shadow of a migrant shipwreck on June 14 in which hundreds of people are feared to have perished off southern Greece. One of the worst such disasters in years, it has shown the parties' divisions over migration.

Mitsotakis' New Democracy party won an election on May 21, 20 points clear of the leftist Syriza party that ruled Greece from 2015 to 2019.

But it fell just short of the outright majority needed to rule without forming a coalition, prompting the second vote under different rules that make it easier for the winning party to secure a majority in the 300-seat parliament.

Polling stations opened at 7...

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