Indian PM Modi lands in Athens

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has touched down in Athens, commencing an official one-day journey that encompasses a meeting with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

In a message in Greek shared on the X platform, Modi conveyed his appreciation for the warm reception from the Indian community in the country: "Amidst Greece's historic landscapes, the warmth and hospitality of the Indian community shine intensely. I offer my heartfelt gratitude for the gracious welcome."

Modi's visit to Athens is especially significant for Greek foreign policy as it is the first official visit by an Indian prime minister to Greece in 40 years. Indira Gandhi, then premier of India, visited Greece in 1983, at the invitation of her counterpart, Andreas Papandreou.

According to sources, Friday's meeting is essentially a "kick-off," as another meeting between Foreign...

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