Tanjević: With Jokić, Serbia would not have played better basketball

In an interview for "Sports Journal", Tanjevi rated the game of the Serbian national team as ideal.
"Our national team is playing exceptionally well, an extraordinary result was achieved just by qualifying for the Olympic Games. I don't remember that ever since 2007, when Serbia became an independent country, I have watched the national team play better. Lithuania was defeated, which was perhaps the most prepared team at Mundobasket, they played great, it was undefeated. And Lithuania was smashed by Serbia's best performance. Svetislav Pei has enormous knowledge, he prepared the team perfectly," Tanjevi said.
He said the following about Canada's game against Serbia in the semifinals.
"For God's sake, I don't know if USA is any better than Canada. I'm not sure at all. Jordi Fernandez, the coach of Canada, a Spaniard, one of their best coaches, they also have them for export, obviously, he prepared the team very well, they play at a high level, they keep their form, they shine unprecedented energy. Their best players are in the NBA, they are the protagonists. I really don't know if they are weaker than the USA team".
Finally, Tanjevi said how Serbia should play against Canada.
"Same as against Lithuania. Pei set up the game brilliantly, Serbia wouldn't have played better even if Nikola Joki and Vasilije Mici were there. They would have been stronger for sure, but they wouldn't have demonstrated better basketball. These guys breathe together all the time. I never liked the players with a special status", Bogdan Tanjevi pointed out.

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