The siege is over: The army has entered the city

This was reported today by the American portal "Hill".
Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman Daniel Hagari said that, following the encirclement of Gaza, warships and aircraft are now assisting infantry and armored vehicles to attack command and control centers, as well as rocket-launching positions and other Hamas infrastructure.
Haghari said engineer units were also working to "destroy and neutralize" explosives and other dangerous devices to allow troops to enter the area safely.
"Our forces are killing terrorists, so to speak, during hand-to-hand combat, in every place where it is necessary, in the most difficult locations, and Israeli soldiers are leading the way," Hagari added at a press conference. Chief of the General Staff Herzi Halevi said on Thursday that Israeli forces were conducting operations in the heart of Gaza City and were fighting "hand to hand".
"Part of our forces are fighting in urban areas, this requires exceptional professionalism and a lot of strength," said Halevi. The raid on Gaza City came hours after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu posed with soldiers and said that Israeli soldiers were on the outskirts of Gaza City and that they were ready to "advance and win."
"Nothing will stop us," Netanyahu said on the social platform X (Twitter). Israel's entry into Gaza City came less than a week after Netanyahu announced a "second phase" of the war and an expansion of ground operations in Gaza. According to the IDF, at least 18 Israeli soldiers were killed.

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