The Russian fleet is paralyzed

The Russians cannot safely enter their main logistics base - Sevastopol.
Namely, the Ukrainian army "cut off" the Russian fleet from their main home port, boasted Ukrainian Navy spokesman Dmytro Pletenchuk, as reported by the Ukrainian portal RBK Ukraine.
Pletenchuk says that the Russians have great difficulty in carrying out combat missions and tasks as a result of the successful attacks of the Ukrainian Air Force in Crimea.
This very fact, that Ukraine decimated and rendered "inoperative" the Russian Black Sea fleet, is presented by Kyiv as the fact that last year's spring counter-offensive was not in vain, as is often said in the West.
On the "land" it may not have been so successful (the expected breakthrough towards Melitopol and further towards the Sea of Azov was not achieved), but it practically put the fleet out of action, which fell only on missile carriers, writes Kyivska Pravda, noting that the Russians had to withdraw part of its ships to the Russian port of Novorossiysk and its base of Ochamchira in the breakaway Georgian parastatal of Abkhazia.
According to Pletenchuk, the Russian Black Sea Fleet has been unable to use anything but missile ships against Ukraine for a long time. But recently, they have problems with those ships as well, because their "Kalibar" type missiles are located in Sevastopol and it is no longer safe to sail there.
Pletenchuk added that even in Novorossiysk "the problem with loading missiles has not yet been solved". Let us remind you that recently the Ukrainian army used naval drones to sink the missile ship "Ivanovec", which was considered the "pride" of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, because there were only three such ships.
As reported by RBK Ukraine, the ship was destroyed by the...

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