A bit of a Trumpish Greek argument

According to the Greek government, its performance on the rule of law and freedom of the press has been judged at the ballot box. This argument is a little "Trumpish."

This is exactly what the former US president's supporters are invoking: that power guarantees immunity. Anyone who challenges this principle by citing institutional checks and balances and other constitutional platitudes is dismissed as an enemy of the country, a foreign agent, an inhibitor of foreign investment, an outdated social justice warrior, an obsessive adherent of woke culture etc.

This logic is not new.

Poland's Jaroslaw Kaczynski used to say the same thing, and Hungary's Viktor Orban still regurgitates it. Fortunately, at the European level, there is a different understanding of the problem: The electoral process does not give absolution to the government for its sins.

Thus, on...

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