Brnabic: Tucker Carlson to come to Serbia in mid-2024

DUBAI - Serbian PM Ana Brnabic said on Monday US journalist Tucker Carlson would come to Serbia in mid-2024.

The fact Brnabic was sitting next to Carlson during a World Governments Summit panel in Dubai earlier in the day and spoke with him has drawn media attention.

"He knows a lot about Serbia and said he is planning to come to Serbia in mid-2024 and that he extremely respects President Aleksandar Vucic, and I told him I look forward to seeing him. I congratulate him on his courage to do a really phenomenal interview with the president of the Russian Federation because, I would say, censorship is ubiquitous in today's world," Brnabic told reporters, noting that Carlson's interview with Vladimir Putin had made it possible for people to "hear things they cannot hear due to censorship."

"So it is definitely a big thing that shows that he is a great journalist....

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