There are casualties, flights are cancelled, schools are closed VIDEO

The storm caused traffic chaos, and one person was killed.
In Pennsylvania, a 20-year-old man was killed on a snowmobile when he ran into a downed wire, Newbury police said.
Due to the snowstorm, about 1,500 flights were canceled, mainly in New York and Boston, while another 2,700 were delayed, the BBC reports.
In-person classes have been suspended for thousands of students in New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts and classes are now being held online.
Commercial vehicles were banned from the roads in some areas, while officials urged residents to avoid travel if possible.

It's a snow day in New York City as a major winter storm brings several inches of snow to millions in the Northeast.⁣ 🌨️ #NYwx

— AccuWeather (@accuweather) February 13, 2024

A blizzard hit 150,000 Pennsylvanians with power outages Tuesday morning local time, with 50,000 still without power last night.
Due to the snow storm, 46 million citizens are under alert, and as reported by NBC News, due to heavy showers and strong winds, there could be floods in the streets. It is also added that the largest amount of snow has fallen in Central Park and New York in the last two years, and the competent services are warning citizens that large amounts of water could turn into ice rinks during the night due to low temperatures. In Connecticut, the weather caused more than 160 accidents in which eight people were injured, and the police and authorities received 764 calls for help.
New Jersey police registered over 440 traffic accidents.

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