Sofia March Honors Ukraine's Resilience: Commemorating Two Years Since Russian Invasion

A poignant procession swept through the heart of Sofia on Saturday evening, as citizens gathered in solidarity to mark the solemn occasion of the second anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Under the banner "Ukraine: Two Years of Struggle for Life, Freedom and Democracy! Two Years TOGETHER and to the Victory of Ukraine", participants convened in front of the President's Administration building in central Sofia, uniting in a call for justice and remembrance.

Adorned with Bulgarian and Ukrainian flags, the crowd bore placards emblazoned with rallying cries such as "Glory to the heroes of Ukraine" and "EU NATO Glory to Ukraine", echoing a resounding chorus of support for the embattled nation. The stirring strains of both Bulgaria's and Ukraine's national anthems reverberated through the air, underscoring the gravity of the occasion.

Embarking from the President's Administration building, the procession made its solemn journey to National Assembly Square, pausing en route to temporarily halt traffic at the Eagles Bridge. It was a symbolic gesture of solidarity and remembrance, as participants stood united in their unwavering support for Ukraine's struggle against aggression.

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