Vucic: Our goal is to boost GDP to 140 or 150 bln over next decade

TIRANA - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Thursday Serbia would double its GDP to 140 or 150 bln euros over the next ten years.

Vucic said this in a comment on a statement by EU Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varhalyi that Western Balkan economies would double in the period thanks to an EU growth plan for the region, and added that this would definitely be the case with Serbia.

"We will even exceed that. That will be an exceptional result. Imagine having a GDP of 140 or 150 bln," he told reporters in Tirana.

Asked how much ideas from the Open Balkan initiative had been an influence on the growth plan, Vucic responded they had been very helpful and that the plan had borrowed some topics from the Open Balkan.

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